(you can just barely make out my aqua "keep calm" poster in the mirror)

I'd like to thank one of my wonderful Australian friends and customers who sent me the scans of some of my prints featured in a chic Brisbane home that happens to be the "House of the Month" in Australian Home Beautiful. This house is a total renovation by talented designer and blogger A-M. Check out her fascinating blog here.

my orange chair slhouette on aqua hanging above the desk

I am surprised at the number of Australian readers, clients and buyers that I have developed long-distance relationships with. I have to say that I have a special affinity for you wonderfully warm and supportive people down under. It's exciting to see some of my work featured in Australian shelter mags. I just need to get down there and visit so I can meet you folks! Thanks to all of you, my readers - no matter where you're located - your support and kindness amazes me. Have an absolutely beautiful weekend!