Vendome Press recently sent me new release"Exotic Taste - Orientalist Interiors". I had to set aside some quality time to look over and visually digest the lush photos and fascinating text. It was a bit like sitting down to a 6 course meal. Most definitely not the kind of experience you want to rush through, as you couldn't possibly appreciate all the details in the photos and the wealth of information contained in the pages.

For those interested in Chinoiserie, you will especially enjoy this book as author Emmanuelle Gaillard provides a rich and educational background on design influences from not only the Far East and China, but India and the Islamic world also. The above photo of the porcelain cabinet at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin gives a mere glimpse into just how amazing and sumptuous most of these interiors are (and I thought my mom was into her blue and white china!)  You will thoroughly relish feasting on the wonderful photos by Marc Walter and adding this to your personal design library for ongoing reference and enjoyment. Ask for it at your local bookstore or find it for sale online here.