The other day had been "one of those days" and I was feeling a little less than chipper. The long absence of sunshine here in Florida due to Tropical Storm "Debby" wasn't helping matters any. 
Cabin fever was setting in. 
Then I heard the door bell ring.
I opened the door to find a huge package from London sitting on my doorstep.
After opening the box and several layers of protection (by far THE most thorough packing job I've seen to date!) I uncovered a beautifully framed print.  The gift was from none other than Liza and Hubert Hirst of  Tusch und Egon Gallery in London. They sent me the framed version of one of my limited edition Jubilee prints with the diamond dust on the crown. They had chosen a perfect mat and mounted it very tastefully in a large white frame. I was surprised at how generous the proportions were (27x27 inches), especially with the frame and mat. Included was a lovely note on one of Liza's own cards featuring another of her fantastic paintings. (below)

It reminded me of how wonderful it can be to connect with like-minded fellow artists who share a love of beauty and a respect for one another in this crazy cut-throat world. I was touched by Liza and Hubert's kindness and generosity and it was one of THE nicest surprises I have had in a long time!
As an artist (emerging or emerging wannabe or whatever I am) there have been many collaborations through the years, some were great and worked beautifully. Those involved mutual respect, kindness and benefits for both parties. Others were with people who were less than honorable, less than truthful and less than respectful. In short, people who were out to prostitute another's talent or hard work for their own personal gain and leave you on a pile of ashes. I was what got incinerated.... 
In this collaboration with Liza and Hubert, it's reassuring to know there are still good people out there who are fair, honest and then even take it even a step further - they are gracious, giving and generous. Some may call it karma, I call it the law of sowing and reaping. Whichever label you may you give it, how you treat others IS of utmost importance and you WILL get the same payment you give out, only multiplied and most often, later on down the road. That can mean a promising future for some and a cause for dread for others. 
In Liza and Hubert's case I am praying that their lives and business will flourish and be full of blessings on all fronts.
I can assure you that if you order a piece of art from them, no matter where you are in the world, your purchase will be protected well and arrive safely and you will be delighted and impressed with the quality and beauty! 
So, please take a moment to browse their online store, or stop by their charming gallery if you're in London. You can find both versions of my limited addition print here.
Sending out a huge thanks and warm hug to Liza and Hubert in London. This couple has true class!
Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to cherish and thank those people in your life who go above and beyond and do the unexpected kindness!