I spotted these two lovelies on 1st Dibs. I very much dig the color combo and form of these graceful Chinese celadon lamps. Very distinguished, wouldn't you say? They would add a lot of color to a room.....


photo by Alison Springer

I don't know if you've had a chance to read it yet, but there is an especially interesting interview by Marcia Sherrill on 1st Dibs right now. It's with the Editor of Southern Accents, Karen Carroll. In my opinion, Karen is one of the best magazine editors out there! Not only has she done an amazing job of taking Southern Accents to a higher level with it's recent "facelift", but she exudes warmth, graciousness and integrity that is sometimes lacking in the upper levels of the publishing business. I hold her in high regard for her taste, skill, professionalism and flawless manners. I also appreciate the kindness and support she has shown me personally as an independent artist! She manages to embody many of the positive characteristics that are often identified with being "Southern". Long live Southern Accents and long may Karen Carroll reign as the Editor!


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My friend, Courtney Barnes in the 1st Dibs feature "The Blogosphere" that also includes a photo of one of the commissions I've done for her.

The gracious and lovely Courtney Barnes, creator and editor of StyleCourt (photo by Steve Pomberg via 1st Dibs)

The latest painting writer Courtney Barnes commissioned from me of her favorite things on her bedside table.

A special congratulations to my friend, Courtney, of StyleCourt,who was profiled on "The Blogosphere" on 1st Dibs. It was great to learn more about her and see a photo of her beautiful home. I also was thrilled and honored to see that she had included my painting of her bedside table and it ended up beside her photo on 1st Dibs homepage and was also shown in the feature on her (click on page 3 at the bottom of page).

Courtney is one of those people who is extremely talented, a veritable encyclopedia of art and design knowledge, yet she's as modest, kind and unaffected as can be! She was one of the first people to commission my work and has been a great support and encouragement to me in my career. What I am trying to say, is that Courtney is the GREATEST and I am so happy to see her getting even just a smidgen of the credit she deserves (and thanks so much for letting me ride your coattails onto 1st Dibs!!!)

P.S. This painting is also available now as a print - contact me for details!