Time has been at a premium for me lately, folks. Lots going on around here, but still have found time to paint a few new pieces and this is one of them - "Tonic Water". It's larger than most at 24x36x1.5 and features some colors that will perk up your place! 
Can be hung vertically or horizontally and in any direction as you see fit. Find it here
Hope you have a really nice weekend!


Many new originals are now for sale in time for Christmas!
This painting, "Lanikai Reef" is for sale in my shop. This work and many others were inspired by my recent stay in Hawaii. More to come as well.....

Original acrylic on paper painting of black Hermes bag  SOLD

"ARTichokes" - original acrylic on canvas SOLD

"Hypoluxo" - original acrylic on board with painted edges SOLD

"Chanel Coco" - original gouache/ink/acrylic painting - matted and framed SOLD

"Chanel Chance" - original gouache/ink/acrylic painting - matted and framed

"Waimea" - original acrylic on board with painted edges

all of these original paintings are available for sale HERE and will ship in time for Christmas to locations in the US if you hop on it now!!


No, I'm not talking about the Olympic swimming.  I'm talking about me and my paintbrush.  
Continuing what I started over a year ago, dabbling with abstract style and with requests for more, I have been working on some paintings that are a departure from my better known style/subject matter, but oh-so-freeing.  There's a certain thrill in working mostly by color, rather than rigid form or having to "reproduce" a particular object/scene on canvas.  Not as easy as it looks, but a totally different discipline altogether and I am really enjoying it!
This original piece is titled "Patchouli Seas" and is available here in my shop.


In the past few months, I've been working in an entirely new style for a change and as an exercise to "loosen up" and explore some different avenues artistically speaking.  It's very different for me, but fun and freeing at the same time. I decided to finally (and a bit sheepishly) show this piece via the blog. It's larger than most of my work at 30 x 15 x 1.5" and far more textured with many layers on the canvas. 
It's available now in my shop, if you feel like taking a look. Custom commissions are also available! Contact me here for more info.