Chairloom is the Philadelphia-based business and "green" brainchild of Molly Worth that rehabs antique and vintage furniture. Molly commissioned this logo from me that was inspired by a photo of her great grandmother standing beside a chair. Molly liked the concept of melding the old with the new and hip. In the antique photo of her great-grandmother, she is standing beside an ornate Victorian chair, so Molly decided it would be perfect to keep the same concept, yet juxtapose the Victorian feel with one of the more modern pieces she re-habbed. The chair this is painted from is on her site. It's covered in a vibrant red and white Virginia Johnson fabric.

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Here, for her home page, Molly had the clever idea to place the logo next to a photo of herself and one of her works of "chair" art that was featured in the New York Times.

It's fun to go to Molly's site and look at many of the unique pieces she has transformed. She has a distinct gift for taking the best of the old and making it "live" in the present with new finishes and vibrant fabrics that are both eco-friendly and hip.
In the near future, I will be featuring Molly in another installment of my "Artist's Portrait" Series. She is a true artist with furniture!


I wish to say "thank-you!" to Ann Fisher of Redacted Recipes for her kind mention and post on my work. Ann and her partner, Jack, (a transplanted Brit) write a fascinating food-related blog that you will enjoy visiting. They are based in Brooklyn, NY and feature some very exotic and creative recipes that will either inspire you to cook or make you hungry (or both). Never the same ol' same ol' on their table! They are both gifted writers with a very creative bent. Ann is also a talented quilt artist and art aficionado. Periodically, she features art and artists on her blog with an "Artful Kitchen" post. I am grateful to have been included in one of these. You can check it out here.


Top image: Anne Harwell
Bottom photo: Courtney Barnes
Gouache/ink painting on Arches cold press paper (5x7)
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This is a commission I just finished this week for blogger Courtney Barnes. This was painted from the photo Courtney took of a beautiful chair she owns and a few favorite books (see bottom image). This was also used as part of her blog banner re-design that I did as well.

Her blog, Style Court, is one of my absolute favorites! It was recently mentioned in Elle Decor as one of editor Margaret Russell's top favorites also. Chock-full of beautiful photos and informative text, Courtney has a real gift for writing and design coupled with a very discerning eye. Thank you, Courtney, for giving me the opportunity to work with you!! This is also now available as a print on my Etsy site:

I welcome commissions for both paintings and blog banner design. I offer some very affordable options, so don't hesitate to contact me with inquiries at: