I SPY....

Did you see this great post on fellow blogger and businesswoman Mackenzie Horan on the Glitter Guide?
I was "chuffed" to see that she had my ginger jar print hanging on her gallery wall (above)

Mackenzie carries some Annechovie products in her Design Darling store
(my matchboxes are on the windowsill here)

She has done a lot with 300 square feet in Manhattan!

Congratulations, Mackenzie!
Have a great weekend!


Gallery walls are no longer just a trend

(via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

more and more art lovers and homeowners are incorporating them into their decor

(via Ivy & Piper)

whether with just small groupings or entire walls covered

There are no real "rules" per se, but mapping a grouping out on the floor or with paper templates taped on the wall beforehand can be helpful, that way you don't make any unnecessary holes in the wall.

(via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

If you are looking for a more versatile way to hang art and change around displays, check out these options for a picture hanger

You don't have to stay with any one frame color or size, variety - as long as it is visually harmonious - can add a lot of interest and make your display unique!


One of the best things about being an artist is the feedback and photos I get from the great people who buy my work. I just love it when a client or customer sends me an email with a photo or link to a photo of a painting or print hanging in their home or office.  The above photo of my trifle print is from Charlotte, NC interior decorator Holly Hollingsworth Phillips who happens to love lots of color (just like me!) and creates beautiful interiors. Her business is called The English Room 

She also blogs. Check out her portfolio and and blog here
Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


It was fun to spot a quartet of my Hermes bag prints in the current issue of Rue. They are hanging above blogger and design dynamo Valorie Hart's bed in New Orleans. Catch the whole story, starting on page 121 of the May/June issue here
The print itself is available for sale in my shop here

I also want to thank my fabulous friend, Valorie for the very kind mentions of my work on her delightful blog and her loyal support. She's been making the rounds lately and another shot of her NOLO home also appeared in House of Fifty this month (you can spot my orange chair silhouette canvas on the far right - below)

Hope you have a super weekend
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother and close friend and to all of you beautiful mothers out there!


I just wanted to thank Sherri in Long Beach, CA for sending in a photo of  one of my chair prints sitting pretty above her desk (did you catch the matching stamps, too?)  It's fun for me to see where my art ends up and thanks to everyone who takes the time to send an email, photo or leave a comment. 
I have the best customers, readers and clients out there!  I really do appreciate all of you.
Hope you have a great start to your week.


Just wanted to share a shot of a gallery wall that a very thoughtful customer sent to me. You can spot my "Blue and White Ginger Jar"canvas on the bottom, second from the left.
I love seeing my work in the homes of my wonderful customers all over the world! 


I want to thank the fabulous Australian designer/blogger Anna Spiro for featuring a post that included photos of my "Anna Spiro" chair original gouache painting I did for her a couple of years ago.  It was exciting to see it hanging in a great grouping in her new home.  Most of you already know of Anna, but she was one of the very first bloggers to feature my work 4 years ago and has been a great blogging friend and support to me over the past few years since I started my own blog. A print of her now famous gilt striped chair is available in my shop. Catch her post here at Absolutely Beautiful Things
Thank you, Anna!!


It is always a thrill to see where my work ends up.
I spend a lot of time at my local post office, so much so that I could almost write a thesis on the interpersonal relationships I observe with the employees. Yeah, I see them THAT often.....I am familiar with their mood swings, who's nice, who's crotchety, which employees work harmoniously, which pairs hate each other, etc. Sometimes when I walk in, you could cut the tension with a knife....not pretty. No wonder someone coined the term "going postal".
Ok, I am rambling. AGAIN. The point of telling you that was to say that I send packages all over the world to my customers and clients. Sometimes I get to see one of my pieces hanging in it's new home. The other day a blogging friend all the way from Norway sent me this link to a post on her living room re-do. Above her sofa was a custom-colored chair silhouette she ordered from me - thanks, Dagny!
Check out Dagny's fabulous blog, Scandinavian Chic and  her post here.


I just love it when I get an email from a happy customer who wants to show me how they've hung my work in their home, office or apartment. These photos are from Erin White in Virginia who has framed several of my chair prints very creatively. The bright hues of the prints really pop on the neutral gray walls. Thank you, Erin!