I hope that your weekend was a good one!
In response to many requests, I have gone larger with many of my prints on stretched canvas and this is one of them. One of my most popular prints, the Chanel No. 5 is now available in a 24x30 size for big impact in your room. Available in 7 colors - white, black, mint, blush pink, fuschia, tangerine and aqua here.
A smaller version in 16x20 (below) is also available here


I was excited to find that my Chanel No.5 Print was featured in this month's Style at Home magazine (Canada). It's always a morale boost to see a mention in a magazine. So many times, as an artist, a magazine promises to publish your work, requests free samples for a photoshoot and then tells you to look for your work/product in a specific issue. You excitedly receive or find the magazine, thumbing through the pages with heart palpitations, scanning like a crazy woman only to realize you were cut in the final edit. Trust me, it's an education in humility, patience and handling disappointment. That said, it's even sweeter when you get a feature that's a complete surprise! This mention came via MadeByGirl who carries my black Chanel No.5 print on their website. Below is a direct link to the issue.

This is the "snapshot" of the mention
(photo courtesy of MadeByGirl)

My print and another skull print available at MadeByGirl
(photo courtesy of MadeByGirl)
You can find my print here


They're here! By popular demand, I have now added 2 more Chanel fragrances - Coco and Chance - to my "Luxe-fume" series of paintings and they are now available in my shop here. Type in code 10CHANEL at checkout to receive a 10% discount on all Chanel prints for the next few days.
Keeping all the victims of Hurricane Sandy in my prayers and wishing you all a very good weekend!