Welcome to a new week! I cannot believe it's already the last week of July....
I hope that you had a nice weekend. Things on my end have been very busy, to say the least. 
Today I am adding a brand-new quote print to my store - in 4 different color combos. 

*It's also available framed - just purchase a frame a' la carte here with your print and it will arrive framed and ready-to-hang!


One of my "pink espresso" mugs available now on my Etsy site

I am not really a morning person, I'll admit it. Like many people, I enjoy starting my day with a little jolt of caffeinated goodness. I have a mild obsession with Italian espresso makers, although most of the time I drink coffee with a LOT of milk, rather than espresso. Above are a couple of espresso makers that, to me, are beautiful. They are both made by Italian company Francis Francis AND they are both available on my Etsy site as prints and the original painting of the blue is also now for sale. In fact, I have re-stocked my Etsy shop this week with many more originals, so please have a look if you get the chance! Grazie!

*Also, I would like to wish the woman who taught me how to make coffee a very happy 61st birthday~ Love you, MOM!