Well, don't take that too literally, but I am very fond of Liberty of London prints. I don't usually go in for shopping crazes/product debuts but for the past couple of days, I have been stalking my local Target stores as the line has been very slow to come out. I have had the fuschia "Dunclare" print uploaded to my Blackberry screen for a couple of weeks now... so I guess you could consider me a "Liberty Groupie".

 My first glimpses over the weekend were of some children's clothes, then womens clothing and a bedding set.  The Liberty for Target line is almost completely sold out online already, with many Ebayers putting up listings for almost double the original prices. It reminds me of the Cabbage Patch doll hoarding craze when I was a kid.
I was first introduced to Liberty prints in the 70's, when my dad wore the floral ties, then I visited the AMAZING London store as a teenager and came away with a classic Tana lawn cosmetics bag and a beautiful capiz shell dish that I have kept to this day. I have been curious to see how the iconic designs would be translated by Target and have yet to see the items I was interested in (pictured above) so the jury's still out. I have to say, most of the pieces I've seen have not tempted me to buy, as they looked much better on the Target site than in person and many items had a slightly cheap look or more muted colors. I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" can apply in some senses. I have to say, a couple of the women's tops, the photo frames and reversible cushions did not disappoint in person. Has anyone seen the duvet covers or canisters? What are your thoughts?
Oh, and Happy St. Patricks Day to you!


In the vein of my ongoing pink and yellow obsession, Clayton Gray Home has some sunny new pillows by Trina Turk. Owner Wendy Garraty has an unerring eye for the best and brightest! Check out all of her new picks here and have a terrific weekend. I am going to be saving my strength to raid Target on Sunday as the new Liberty of London line debuts!


Decorated Gateaux

I know John Derian has received major coverage in magazines and design blogs for quite a while now, but, hey, the guy is just insanely good at what he does. His work is, well, just very appealing. A little something for everyone. His images and shapes really run the gammut.

Living so close to the beach here in Florida, I can get away with using colors that that make me happy. Between that and being an artist, no one expects me to decorate "seriously" and I take full advantage of that license, believe me! If I feel like hanging images of cakes on the wall, then bully for me! I had fun putting together a fantasy shopping list of some of Derian's decoupage pieces that would work perfectly for me here by the beach.

A Piece of Cake



His leather Moroccan puffs are just plain fun, as well as being multi-functional - these 2 were my faves.

The Pressed Sea Weed collection is gorgeous - these are just a few of the many pieces available. The piece directly below is exactly like the pink sea fans I have collected at the beach near my house.

You can shop John's website or if in Manhattan, check out his boutique in person at East 2nd Street. I even noticed that Liberty of London is carrying his work now.