The other day had been "one of those days" and I was feeling a little less than chipper. The long absence of sunshine here in Florida due to Tropical Storm "Debby" wasn't helping matters any. 
Cabin fever was setting in. 
Then I heard the door bell ring.
I opened the door to find a huge package from London sitting on my doorstep.
After opening the box and several layers of protection (by far THE most thorough packing job I've seen to date!) I uncovered a beautifully framed print.  The gift was from none other than Liza and Hubert Hirst of  Tusch und Egon Gallery in London. They sent me the framed version of one of my limited edition Jubilee prints with the diamond dust on the crown. They had chosen a perfect mat and mounted it very tastefully in a large white frame. I was surprised at how generous the proportions were (27x27 inches), especially with the frame and mat. Included was a lovely note on one of Liza's own cards featuring another of her fantastic paintings. (below)

It reminded me of how wonderful it can be to connect with like-minded fellow artists who share a love of beauty and a respect for one another in this crazy cut-throat world. I was touched by Liza and Hubert's kindness and generosity and it was one of THE nicest surprises I have had in a long time!
As an artist (emerging or emerging wannabe or whatever I am) there have been many collaborations through the years, some were great and worked beautifully. Those involved mutual respect, kindness and benefits for both parties. Others were with people who were less than honorable, less than truthful and less than respectful. In short, people who were out to prostitute another's talent or hard work for their own personal gain and leave you on a pile of ashes. I was what got incinerated.... 
In this collaboration with Liza and Hubert, it's reassuring to know there are still good people out there who are fair, honest and then even take it even a step further - they are gracious, giving and generous. Some may call it karma, I call it the law of sowing and reaping. Whichever label you may you give it, how you treat others IS of utmost importance and you WILL get the same payment you give out, only multiplied and most often, later on down the road. That can mean a promising future for some and a cause for dread for others. 
In Liza and Hubert's case I am praying that their lives and business will flourish and be full of blessings on all fronts.
I can assure you that if you order a piece of art from them, no matter where you are in the world, your purchase will be protected well and arrive safely and you will be delighted and impressed with the quality and beauty! 
So, please take a moment to browse their online store, or stop by their charming gallery if you're in London. You can find both versions of my limited addition print here.
Sending out a huge thanks and warm hug to Liza and Hubert in London. This couple has true class!
Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to cherish and thank those people in your life who go above and beyond and do the unexpected kindness! 


It's exciting to see my "Lilibet" Silhouette Print in the London storefront window of Tusch und Egon. Especially fitting for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration!
International artist, educator, gallery owner and blog-friend Liza Hirst has recently opened a gallery/store with her husband in Islington, London (England).  Liza is a phenomenal artist and a lovely person as well.
I have had the joy of collaborating with them on these limited edition screenprints below to commemorate Queen Elizabeth 2's Diamond Jubilee. There are only 20 prints available of each and all are signed and dated by the artist.  Liza is offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time - through June 10th when you use this coupon code at checkout: AHJUNE2012

This print features diamond dust on the crown and is available on the gallery website here

and this version, the original "Lilibet" sans the diamond dust is available here

Check out the stores website here
If you live in London or are visiting, stop in and tell them I sent you!


I absolutely love this painting by Liza Hirst - it's called "Sunny Outside"

Liza recently published a book of her gorgeous work that is available for sale here

Some of you may remember my lovely and talented friend in the South of France, Liza Hirst. She was featured in one of my artist's portraits a year or so ago. She is very prolific and to say she was gifted would be a gross understatement. Well, Art Lovers, now is the time to profit from her "prolific-ness"! She is clearing out her studio and for a limited time will be offering half off many of her works on Saturdays. Please keep in mind that we are talking French time here - so don't miss out! You can also purchase her newly released book as well. So hurry to her site before Saturday has passed!! (she is about 6 hours ahead of us US East-Coasters, so to get the incredible disount, shop starting after 6 PM tonight) Click here to see her blog/shop.


"Pink Espresso" painting - Anne Harwell on ETSY

"Villa Borghese Gardens" painting - Anne Harwell on ETSY

"Studio Interior" painting - Liza Hirst

My grandmother with her white gloves and bold floral head gear- 1967

Painting - Kaffe Fassett

Jan Showers Design

Painting - Kaffe FassettHouse Beautiful

Pink is one of my favorite colors and I thought I'd include a few selections from my files. Some of them I have had for quite a while, and so am not sure of their source, but wherever possible, I have labeled them. Hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!


Anna's shop
A sampling of her beautiful and colorful displays

Anna's blog

Special thanks again to Anna Spiro of the very popular blog Absolutely Beautiful Things for her mention and for featuring a photo from my house yesterday. She also featured a painting from Liza Hirst, an amazing artist and friend of mine living and working in Southern France. Anna's blog has grown to a huge worldwide readership in just a little over a year. She is a young designer based in Brisbane, Australia with a terrific eye and design sense. She runs her own shop and design firm and I hope to visit her one day and get to meet her in person. Thanks, Anna!! Here's a link to the post.


Liza Hirst

Liza's Studio

A selection of Liza's paintings

I know it's been a while since I featured one of my artist interviews, but I am very happy to introduce you now to a very gifted artist, Liza Hirst, from the South of France. As an artist myself, I know how difficult it can be to set time aside to do the "extra" things, such as answering a million questions about yourself submitted to you from a nosy artist/blogger across the ocean!! Liza is a prolific painter and stays very busy, so I am grateful that she made time to oblige me with an interview.

I first spotted Liza's work on her painting-a-day website. I was drawn to the way she portrays everything with such a lifelike, realistic quality and infuses so much color into her work. She is a gracious and beautiful lady with an interesting background and broad range of subjects. The scope and volume of her artistic output amazes me. There are so many of her paintings I'd love to get my hands on - I could fill an entire wall or room with all of my favorites. She sells her work on her website and is also available for commissions. I just wished I lived closer - I'd love to drop by her studio to meet her in person and enjoy a chat and a cup of tea. Maybe someday!

Where were you born?
In Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
What is your artistic background schooling?
Studies of Graphic Design and Painting at the HDK ( Hochschule der Künste / School of Art) in Berlin, Germany with a Masters Degree in Painting.
What are your earliest memories of being involved making art or wanting to be an artist?
Several members of my family have been, or are, architects , painters, graphic designers or draftsmen, so that I have been exposed to art since an early age, but it was a school homework for art that really triggered the wish to become an artist myself. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and got a very good mark, thus becoming aware of my own capabilities in this field.
What inspired you most as your subject matter? Does living in France influence your work a lot?
Without consciously choosing it as a a subject, I seem to have been drawn mainly to portraiture. But living in rural France has also evoked an interest in landscape painting in me. The French art scene is dominated by so called "avantgarde" art, which I have nearly come to detest (at least here) due to the impression I get of "a lot of to do about nothing", trying hard to be original without substance and lots of bla bla interpretations. So I only feel influenced in the sense of being reassured to stick to "traditional" painting, which is hardly existent in France at the time being. At least it is not supported and acknowledged sufficiently.
Tell us a bit about your family and where you live.
My husband is German and we have two sons, 21 and 16 years old. They benefit from having grown up in France in a German-English family by being trilingual now. We live in South West France, an area known as the "Dordogne" or older fashioned the "Perigord". The landscape is not spectacular but nevertheless very beautiful. There are castles around every corner, vineyards of world famous wines such as St. Emilion wines, the Bergerac's, the Bordeaux's and so on. You name it. This is really "La France profonde" as they say, translated as "deep France", meaning very rural, traditional, authentic.
What are some of your favorite things or things that are essential to your success/well-being as a person and artist?
Oh, so many things(!), such as good films, music, books, food, clothes, .... And yet I am actually very easily pleased with very little - a cup of strong tea, Jazz or classical music and a good book make me happy. My luxury is having time to paint whenever and as much as I want. Most important for being able to concentrate on my work is not having to worry about my family, knowing that they are well.
Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
Good question! The world has sooo much to offer - I find it very difficult to choose a place but we are thinking of moving to a big city within the next three years, maybe Paris, maybe London, maybe Toronto, maybe .....??? Having lived in the middle of nowhere for more than twelve years, we do long for the urban buzz again.
What are the most challenging things for you about being an artist?
Trying to make a living with it!!!! Artistically speaking, it is the constant effort of trying to break away from a mere realistic representation of a subject - for me very, very hard! I am slowly but reluctantly beginning to accept that I simply AM a realistic painter and might never be able to paint as free as Richard Diebenkorn or Willem de Kooning for example.

Thank you so much, Liza, for taking the time to answer my questions and share your beautiful work with us. It was most certainly worth the wait! I am honored to show your work here on Annechovie and have been looking forward to it. Stopping by your blog is always an inspiration and bright spot in my day!
Check out Liza's paintings here. She sells through her blog, Ebay and several other links on her blog. I guarantee you will be tempted to import one of her gorgeous paintings into your own living environment to savor and enjoy.


Me and my sister-in-law, mom and little sis

I know I did this a few months back, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship and because I can't refuse such a great painter as Liza Hirst, I will comply. Liza tagged me and a few other artists a couple of weeks ago and here is my belated reply. Liza is an incredibly talented artist who lives and works in the South of France. I will be featuring an interview with her soon here on my blog. Sorry it took me a while, Liza!

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5 Weird/random facts about me
I am the second of four children
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I am usually in the process of reading 2-3 books at once.
I love lemons!
For many years I was the only girl in my family and I wanted a sister. When I was 11, my little sis was born and now that both of my brothers have married, I have a total of 3 sisters.

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