Two beautiful chairs in Rubie Green fabric transformed by Molly Worth

Love this toile makeover by Ruthie Sommers

Punchy raspberry chairs (I think this is from Traditional Home)

This memo-board style room is unique

Love this pink sofa in Anna Spiro's home

I like this painting (source unknown)

Mathilde Agostinelli's fetching dining room

I have a distinct weakness for pink in many shades. When I was little, I earned the nickname, "Pinky" from my grandmother's neighbor, because my mom dressed me in mostly pink. As I got older, I tried to get away from that, but never really succeeded. I must admit, I am drawn back to it time and again. So, here's a few photos from my files of some lovely pink things. Regrettably, some I neglected to label and so their source remains unknown. I am working on being a better "labeler". That can be one of my new year's resolutions! I hope everyone had an enjoyable long holiday weekend - are you back to work or still on break this week?


The lovely Molly Worth of Chairloom

The logo I created for Molly

Some of Molly's pieces "before" transformation. Molly will work with a client to customize these vintage pieces - just "adopt" one and watch her work her magic! She is offering a special discount to Annechovie readers, so be sure mention you read about her here if you contact her.

This is another retro pair currently available for adoption and makeover.

I could see both of these becoming beautiful with Molly's expert touch - good bones.

The Bee's Nest, a charming boutique in the Philadelphia area. This is where Molly works and sells her chairs.

Molly's charming living room with a beautiful pair of bamboo chairs.

In the family room, the focal point is the antique daybed inherited from Molly's husband's grandmother.

Here is the follow-up interview, as promised, with the talented and gracious Molly Worth of Chairloom. Her stellar work has been featured recently in major press articles by Daily Candy and The New York Times.

Where were you born?
Washington, DC....but grew up in Michigan. High school in Rhode Island & college in Connecticut. Post college in NYC.

What is your artistic background schooling (if any)?
None. I am a Religion major & have an Applied Psychology Master's degree.

Have you always been creative and, if so, do you have an early memory of "making" something?
As a child, I remember trying to "impress" my older cousins when they were visiting by rearranging my room & setting it up in such a way that my "things" were on display. I would put the books upright on my bureau and "show" my room like it was a store. I'm aftraid to say that I don't think I impressed anyone.

I have taught at the lower and mostly middle school levels. Teaching is very creative.

What inspires you most creatively and gets your creative juices flowing?
I love "the hunt" in terms of finding the diamond in the rough. Also, it is exciting for me to then think about the 'right" fabric for the piece. I like to use new, fresh fabrics such as Hable Construction, Virginia Johnson, Rubie Green, Oliveira Textiles or Sea Cloth. My passion is about creating the ONE OF A KIND piece that brings the WOW factor to a room or home. A chair, couch, ottoman, etc. can make a room & pack a punch that gives the owner (and his or her friends) a lift or boost that only good art can.

What are some of your favorite things or things that are essential to your success/well-being as a person and artist/business owner?
Some of the things that are essential would be (the obvious first) family & friends as well as spiritual need and curiosity that leads me to seek God.

As far as favorite things (which suggests something material) I would list:
coffee with milk & sugar!
peace & quiet
hanging out with my sisters in Maine
visiting a best friend in Venice, Ca whom I speak with daily!!
music (Martin Sexton, The Grateful Dead are two favorites)
walking somewhat aimlessly in NYC neighborhoods like the East Village, Nolita or the West Village.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
Seattle , Washington with frequent trips to The San Juan Islands

What are the most challenging things for you about doing what you do? Finding buyers. Making money is a driving force at this point. I would like to find store owners around the US to sell my chairs. I might like to have a "green" line of new chairs.......

Where do you live and work?
I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, son, daughter, chocolate lab & yorkie. (naughty, naughty dogs)

Favorite food?

Molly is an excellent person to work with - both very talented AND very affable. As I said earlier, she is graciously offering a discount to Annechovie readers, so what are you waiting for? I would love to see one of my readers adopt one of Molly's diamonds in the rough and then post the before and after on Annechovie. Also, any shop owners out there would be smart to feature some Chairloom pieces in your store! Check out Molly's website here.


Chairloom is the Philadelphia-based business and "green" brainchild of Molly Worth that rehabs antique and vintage furniture. Molly commissioned this logo from me that was inspired by a photo of her great grandmother standing beside a chair. Molly liked the concept of melding the old with the new and hip. In the antique photo of her great-grandmother, she is standing beside an ornate Victorian chair, so Molly decided it would be perfect to keep the same concept, yet juxtapose the Victorian feel with one of the more modern pieces she re-habbed. The chair this is painted from is on her site. It's covered in a vibrant red and white Virginia Johnson fabric.

(Click on to enlarge)
Here, for her home page, Molly had the clever idea to place the logo next to a photo of herself and one of her works of "chair" art that was featured in the New York Times.

It's fun to go to Molly's site and look at many of the unique pieces she has transformed. She has a distinct gift for taking the best of the old and making it "live" in the present with new finishes and vibrant fabrics that are both eco-friendly and hip.
In the near future, I will be featuring Molly in another installment of my "Artist's Portrait" Series. She is a true artist with furniture!