My friend and fellow blogger/designer Valorie Hart has just had her first book published!
It's a beautiful volume featuring unique homes in Louisiana with Valorie's inimitable viewpoint and insights resulting from her years of design experience and style savvy. Valorie has been a sweetheart and so supportive of me since we were both green bloggers years ago and the design blogging community was so much smaller. Thanks so much, Valorie for featuring some of my work and adding me in your art sources! I am honored. Please check out her book - "House Proud". It's available on Amazon here

If you're in New Orleans, stop by Modern Market on Magazine St. for a book signing tonight
 from 5:30-7:00.
You can meet the ebullient and charming Valorie for yourself!
Congratulations, Valorie! xoxo


It was fun to spot a quartet of my Hermes bag prints in the current issue of Rue. They are hanging above blogger and design dynamo Valorie Hart's bed in New Orleans. Catch the whole story, starting on page 121 of the May/June issue here
The print itself is available for sale in my shop here

I also want to thank my fabulous friend, Valorie for the very kind mentions of my work on her delightful blog and her loyal support. She's been making the rounds lately and another shot of her NOLO home also appeared in House of Fifty this month (you can spot my orange chair silhouette canvas on the far right - below)

Hope you have a super weekend
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother and close friend and to all of you beautiful mothers out there!


My spunky and stylish friend Valorie Hart is a designer and multi-talented woman who lives in New Orleans and authors the very popular blog Visual Vamp. This girl "takes a licking, but keeps on ticking" as they say. She and her husband and dance partner Alberto (they are international tango champions) have been through a lot recently, but you just can't keep them down. Valorie continues to triumph both personally and professionally and uses her touch to transform spaces for clients and bring her own je nais se quoi to homes. These photos are from her own home in NOLA and I was delighted to see one of my canvas prints as part of a tablescape on a console. I also love her take on a dance studio adjacent to her living room. Rather than having a large mirror running the length of the wall, she created a gallery of mirrors. Genius!