As any of you who follow me on Instagram know, I found a steal-deal at the Church Mouse when I was in Palm Beach a few weeks ago. I have wanted one of these classic Chinese Chippendale armchairs for years and even painted one (print available here)and so, when I spotted this for a mere $95, my husband suggested I snap it up.

The seat was filthy and dingy, but I knew that I could either clean it or reupholster, so I didn't let that small detail deter me one bit! I hated to have to rip out the nailhead trim, so I opted to clean the white upholstery with Bar Keeper's Friend after reading online that it works on vinyl like a charm. It did the job and the seat is now spotless.

The frame was a little too drab for my liking as well, so I decided to mix my own paint color and give it a brighter look.

Here it is, cleaned and freshly painted with my "Italian Gardens" cushion that is available here
Hope you have a great start to your week!


My husband and I just returned from a short little jaunt to Palm Beach to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  We thoroughly enjoyed the vibe, the food, the eye candy and each other. Here's a few photos of some of the highlights.

the pool courtyard at our hotel, The Chesterfield, a quaint boutique hotel with plenty of charm and a very friendly staff

Dinner at Charley's Crab was good and the view of the Atlantic was even better...

The lush flora on the island is everywhere.....lots of orchids and beautiful potted plants

The shops are one-of-a-kind, this lantern outside a paper shop on Worth Avenue was what caught my eye.
I love Spanish Colonial architecture, pecky cypress (see ceiling above) and any Mizner designed buildings especially.

Couldn't pass up a shot of the Staffordshire collection in Letitia Lundeen Antiques, that has another location in Nantucket as well.

We visited the famous "Church Mouse" thrift store and I scored this amazing deal on a Chinese Chippendale armchair!

I thought these shoes were very reminiscient of a Palm Beach socialite in the 60's. They were huge and left me wondering if they had belonged to a famous style icon we all know had very large feet and spent time there at a family compound??

The homes are very tasteful and many are quite understated as well, not a lot of nouveau-riche flash all over the place, which is refreshing.

I wasn't sure what type of tree this was, but it was pretty nonetheless. The blossoms looked like a cross between mandevilla and petunias.

Another beauty

This was my favorite and also happens to be for sale here

For all of you fiddle leaf fig fans, I found the mother of them here

I am pretty much convinced that Palm Beach Style is kind of up my alley

On Worth Ave.

These beautiful Chinoiserie fretwork details were outside the deli, for crying out loud. Ever seen a deli in a building with such cool classic architecture?

The breakfast was pretty delicious, too. Eggs Benedict with nova. Try it at Toojays.

This cute classic Morris Minor was parked out front

I wanted to steal the mirror out by the pool at our hotel but settled instead for a quick snapshot.

Visiting the Breakers was a treat. This historic legend lives up to the hype and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. They even have a Lilly boutique right on the premises! 
(love the painting of the hotel hanging in the shop above!)

One of the gorgeous courtyards at the hotel

The outdoor furniture was so charming and colorful. Not your typical generic patio set, for sure!

The plantings are incredible

The hotel's gift shop - The Breakers News and Gourmet- is a great place to pick up some necessities and non-necessities as well.

Beautiful fountains

The ceiling in the lobby......magnificent.

and this concludes my photo tour. I thought this "living" wall on Worth Avenue was worth showing.
Any places I missed that I need to check out next time?
Have a wonderful weekend!


** This is a re-post from a couple years back as I am currently winging my way across the country!
I will continue to post - so don't go away!! Have a terrific Monday.

I never squeal. Never. However, when I turned this page of the March issue of Coastal Living and saw this room, I think I squealed internally.  I went nuts over designer Meg Braff's Palm Beach apartment.
(click image to enlarge)

I don't think I've ever seen a home (vacation or otherwise) that embodies my personal style as well.

And to think this woman is married with 4 sons.....gotta love everything about it. All the beauty and softness balancing out all the testosterone she lives with.
This proves that guys can live without black leather and thrive.
She is amazing!
(photos via matters of style)


Lars Bolander is a name synonymous with Swedish Style and upscale, sophisticated interiors.
Te Neues has just published a large coffee table volume illustrating his work. With over 174 gorgeous photos, it's a real visual feast. I loved it that the book covered more than just his work but also included photos of him as a young man, as well as some very fun personal photos with his beautiful wife, family and friends.
Personally, I like to get to know the person behind the work a little, too.  Far too many design books are just stuffy catalogues of a designer's work that, while featuring beautiful photos, may come off as slightly dry and boring.  This book is heavy on the visual and lighter on the text - just the way I like it!

In this book, Lars shares not only some of his own homes, but those of clients worldwide as well.

He introduces us to artists and craftspeople who have both inspired and influenced his work, such as master craftsman (and Royal Family member) David Linley.

Lars' work straddles the line between real sophistication and laid-back comfort. What strikes me is how his work is all about layered patina, varied elements and true warmth. There's nothing of the generic showroom, tasteless ostentatious glitz, or one-dimensional cookie cutter design that is so prevalent nowadays.

Swedish style is something Lars is well known for, but his work encompasses so much more than any single "look". Be sure to get your hands on this book, it will educate you and leave you with a great feeling and a lot of inspiration for your own decor! Find it here.
Wishing you all the very best in 2013. I hope and pray it will be a year of peace, joy and growth for all of us!
Happy New Year!!


See these gorgeous lacquered mahogany cockpen chairs in this photo of Veronica Beard's home?
The same chairs are available through C. Bell, a new sponsor of Annechovie.

in white or

in a cheery orange.

and look at this classic campaign dresser. A variety of gorgeous pieces and accessories are available to dress up your home, so if you're looking for some classic Palm Beach style, look no further -
go directly to C. Bell!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Even though I live across the state, on "the other coast" from Palm Beach, I still find the look perfectly charming and a'propos for the way I want to live. C. Bell is a great source for the PB look and I always enjoy the emails they send that are chock-full of their latest acquisitions.  
Like this great Pagoda-style glass panel cabinet OR

These matching end tables/ night stands OR

this colorful oil painting of a Scarlet Ibis with egg. (I have Ibis in my backyard all the time - they love to poke around in the grass looking for food)
All these great pieces can be found here - be sure to sign up for their mailing list while you're at it!


Charming outdoor tented pavilion (via Domino - photo by Deborah Jaffe)

Houston designer Katie Stassi's backyard

The Angler's Boutique Hotel - Miami- cool pool area

ZGallerie's Veranda Pavilion

Ok, this certainly qualifies as blog "plagiarism", but I can't help it! I just saw the coolest outdoor cabana on Erin's blog. It's a perfect little backyard haven for shade and dining. It could easily "make" your outdoor area, adding instant class, style, shelter and OOMPH! I have a serious thing for awnings and tents (especially with scalloped edges) and seeing this led me on a trail to find more beautiful tented outdoor spaces. One of these could turn a backyard pool area into your own little Palm Beach or Palm Springs style resort. For as much as I love spending time outside and by the pool, something like this would be excellent. It's just so adorable, it's heartbreaking. The Veranda Pavilion is a more budget-friendly option that you can just purchase and set up for instant backyard pizazz! It comes in 3 color choices for the trim. I'd love green! It's available online at ZGallerie.