Frederic Schumacher
The guy who started it all.....

Recently, Andrew at Schumacher and Co. wrote to tell me about their new website. Not being an interior designer, I wasn't as familiar with their extensive fabric, wallcovering and furniture lines as some of my more versed designer blogging colleagues. I knew they were a name synonymous with high quality American textiles, but I quickly became intrigued with their rich history (5th generation family-owned!) and all of the "eye candy" available for perusal on their new site.
Fabrics and patterns are a huge source of inspiration for me, and I came across a very familiar pattern, Kelly Wearstler's "Imperial Trellis". It's the fabric that is featured on my Courtney Barnes Chair and even though I reproduced the pattern in my painting, I hadn't realized that Schumacher made it! The site is nothing short of inspirational for anyone, whether you're a designer, artist or design addict looking to update your surroundings with something hip, classic and of the highest quality. Whatever you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find it on their brand-new, easy-to-use site. Stay tuned, because they will be adding more features, such as a designer log-in, very soon.