Brand new release today, "Courtney's Chair II".  This gouache/ink painting was originally commissioned by reknowned Style Court blogger Courtney Barnes and is featured in her new blog banner designed by me. It's available now in my shop in an 8x10 giclee print (11x14 also available by special request - convo me for details).
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Photo courtesy of Style Court
Thanks to Courtney Barnes of Style Court for her mention of my new stamps featuring my painting of her chair. As always, she did a lovely job of styling a photo that includes a stack of books and some beautiful peonies with my stamp design on a letter. Courtney does NOT get paid for mentioning my work, nor does she receive royalties off the stamps sold (as the artist, I retain the copyright to my work). She simply does it because she is an exceptionally kind person and a very supportive friend. This chair is her logo for StyleCourt, and is one of my most popular paintings to date. I owe it all to Courtney's eye for design and her superb styling of her chair and books that she commissioned me to paint. It's currently everyone's favorite stamp in my gallery! No doubt she could have a very successful second career as a photo stylist!
If you would like a similar painting done of something you cherish, be it a chair, room, child or pet, I would be delighted to take on the commission and can even provide you with your own custom stamps for correspondence. It's a great idea for a gift as well. Please feel free to contact me for details here.


1st Dibs is the premier online source for high-end antiques, vintage pieces and home furnishings, THE source all of the top designers turn to when looking for unique pieces.

My friend, Courtney Barnes in the 1st Dibs feature "The Blogosphere" that also includes a photo of one of the commissions I've done for her.

The gracious and lovely Courtney Barnes, creator and editor of StyleCourt (photo by Steve Pomberg via 1st Dibs)

The latest painting writer Courtney Barnes commissioned from me of her favorite things on her bedside table.

A special congratulations to my friend, Courtney, of StyleCourt,who was profiled on "The Blogosphere" on 1st Dibs. It was great to learn more about her and see a photo of her beautiful home. I also was thrilled and honored to see that she had included my painting of her bedside table and it ended up beside her photo on 1st Dibs homepage and was also shown in the feature on her (click on page 3 at the bottom of page).

Courtney is one of those people who is extremely talented, a veritable encyclopedia of art and design knowledge, yet she's as modest, kind and unaffected as can be! She was one of the first people to commission my work and has been a great support and encouragement to me in my career. What I am trying to say, is that Courtney is the GREATEST and I am so happy to see her getting even just a smidgen of the credit she deserves (and thanks so much for letting me ride your coattails onto 1st Dibs!!!)

P.S. This painting is also available now as a print - contact me for details!


StyleCourt blog's Courtney Barnes created this tablescape from objects that hold special meaning for her and then sent me the photo from which I painted the gouache rendering below. Courtney was inspired by a painting Jacqueline Kennedy had commissioned from French artist Pierre-Marie Rudelle of her favorite things. Courtney has a background in art history and is know for her discerning eye and vast knowledge of all things art and design related. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Courtney. The first time was painting her favorite chair and then creating a blog banner that incorporated the painting (top). She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to create stunning compositions that seem to appeal to just about everyone. Her blog, which is one of the top design blogs worldwide, is always a great read, full of beautiful photos and wonderful text to accompany them. Click here to read her post on the commission.

My rendering in gouache (12x12) on aquaboard.

Aquaboard, a new surface for watercolor and gouache paintings with wood sides and a 2 inch profile. This surface, when coated with an archival protective finish, allows for watercolors to be protected and preserved without the need for glass or framing. A great alternative to the traditional framed watercolor painting. Please contact me here to create your own masterpiece!


As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I wanted to give credit where credit is due. The chair that inspired my rendering was none other than Chapman Radcliff's "Kelly" wing chair. As many of you know, Ruthie Sommers is the owner of LA based Chapman Radcliff and is definitely one of my favorite decorators. She designed this gorgeous piece that I couldn't resist painting. I also wanted to thank my friend, Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt for posting my painting yesterday as part of a post on chinoiserie chairs. Courtney is like a walking encyclopedia of design knowledge. If she doesn't know the answer to your question or the origins of a piece in a photo (which is almost NEVER) she will not rest until she discovers it!


Washington Post feature

The blog banner I created for StyleCourt

Staff writer Terri Sapienza's feature in the Washington Post (above) and online:

Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt sent me this scan from the Washington Post. The photo features a computer with the StyleCourt home page and the blog banner I created for Courtney with my painting of her chair (featured for sale as a print on my Etsy site). Congratulations to Courtney, Shelteriffic, and This is Glamorous for being featured in Terri's "Blogwatch".
A big thanks also to Alkemie and Newlywed Diaries for their mentions this week! I appreciate it!


A somewhat belated thank-you to the style-savvy Courtney Barnes over at StyleCourt for her post earlier this week. Things have been so busy here that I haven't had a chance until now to mention it. Courtney and I will be collaborating once again in the New Year when I paint one of her favorite new acquistions. Her famous chair (above) has already sort of taken on a life of it's own and is my most popular piece in my Etsy shop.


The brilliant design writer, Courtney Barnes and her chair that I painted - the centerpiece of her blog banner I designed.

LA decorator and Style Queen Ruthie Sommers

A pair of delightful chairs Ruthie re-habbed with a delightful Palm Beach look to them

Thanks to Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt for the mention as guest blogger this week on Design*Sponge. DesignSponge* is a top design blog with pioneer design blogger Grace Bonney at the helm. A daily must-read for me, chock-full of everything a design buff like me thrives on! Stylecourt is also, as you may already know, one of my faves. As usual, the ever-knowledgeable Courtney is going above and beyond with her contributions this week. Today's post featured the great LA decorator Ruthie Sommers and her penchant for rehabbing furniture in her trademark amazing way. Remember that cheesy makeover show, "The Swan" from a couple of years ago? Ruthie's work is to furniture what those plastic surgeons' work was to patients. Similarly jaw-dropping. You will be amazed at what can be done with these "diamond in the rough" pieces she picks up and transforms. She should be dubbed "The Princess of Potential"! Ok, it's obvious I'm a big fan. So, I was doubly pleased to be mentioned on the same page with one of my style heroes. Thank you Courtney and Grace! Be sure to check out both Design*Sponge and Design*Sponge Guest Blog if you haven't already!

All images courtesy of Design*Sponge


I just wanted to thank Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt for her post today on my work appearing on Domino online. The actual chair in the painting is Courtney's own. She commissioned me to paint it last Summer and it also serves as the icon on her blog banner that I designed. It's been one of my most popular paintings and is now featured on note cards and greeting cards as well as a print. Thank you, Courtney, for all your support.


Ikat/Courtney Barnes Chair Notecards (set includes 4 Ikat chair cards and 4 Courtney Barnes Chair cards and 8 envelopes)

Gouache and acrylic on paper

New design now available as a print or notecards

Last week, while I was reading StyleCourt, I noticed a post Courtney Barnes did on a vintage chair that designer Jen West had rehabilitated. Knowing I have a thing for chairs, Courtney suggested that I needed to paint it. I thought it was a great idea and didn't need my arm twisted, so here it is! It's now available as an 8x10 print or in a set of notecards along with the Cortney Barnes Chair on my Etsy site. As you can see, Jen painted it a crisp white and then reupholstered it in a beautiful Ikat fabric. You can read the post from Monday on StyleCourt. Thanks for the post, Courtney! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those around the world who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, a great day! I am thankful for so much, not least of which my readers and fellow bloggers who have added so much to my life. Thank you!


Top image: Anne Harwell
Bottom photo: Courtney Barnes
Gouache/ink painting on Arches cold press paper (5x7)
Click here to buy!
This is a commission I just finished this week for blogger Courtney Barnes. This was painted from the photo Courtney took of a beautiful chair she owns and a few favorite books (see bottom image). This was also used as part of her blog banner re-design that I did as well.

Her blog, Style Court, is one of my absolute favorites! It was recently mentioned in Elle Decor as one of editor Margaret Russell's top favorites also. Chock-full of beautiful photos and informative text, Courtney has a real gift for writing and design coupled with a very discerning eye. Thank you, Courtney, for giving me the opportunity to work with you!! This is also now available as a print on my Etsy site:

I welcome commissions for both paintings and blog banner design. I offer some very affordable options, so don't hesitate to contact me with inquiries at: