My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home, so last Saturday I dragged him out scouting for some pieces for the new place. He was very patient and we shared some good laughs as we meandered through some shops looking for "unique" pieces. Unique we did find.  There was the good, the bad and the ugly.  Unfortunately, we saw more ugly than we did good, and didn't come away with any treasures, but it was entertaining at the least. These Staffordshire pieces above were good finds, but I wasn't exactly in the market for them.

We both liked these bamboo nesting tables and I'm debating picking these up later on if they haven't been snagged.

There were plenty of tacky and musty items, this being one of them.

Then there was the the Liberace bedroom set.  The gaudy motif/style reminded me of  those old carousels at amusement parks. Apparently, some lucky person had already laid claim to it. Go figure!

The hunt continues and at least my curiosity was satisfied. I realized that I am not really missing anything at my local consignment/antique shops. I have my eye on some new, unused items and we will see how it all comes together!
Have a great weekend!!


For those of you who appreciate Oriental design and Chinoiserie, you'd enjoy checking out this new book from Vendome that catalogues rare and beautiful pieces of Chinese furniture from the 16th-18th centuries.

The background information is fascinating - author Marcus Flacks covers details like joinery, types of wood (many of which I'd never heard of before), lacquers and Chinese aesthetics.

This sloped cabinet is about 400 years old! It's amazing how these pieces are so "modern" in their style.
Classics are never dated and great bones never lose their appeal to the eye.

The caning and joinery alone on some of these pieces is astounding. To think these were made by skilled craftsmen so long ago with such quality and attention to detail that they have stood the test of time and influenced current Western design so heavily is quite impressive.

Apart from the subject matter alone, I love the clean design of the book and how its' uncluttered and concise format allows you to absorb both the informative text and the artistic delight without the distraction of visual "busyness".
You can find Classical Chinese Furniture here.


Be sure to check Annechovie sponsor C. Bell of Palm Beach for the latest in classy and eclectic furnishings for your home!  Perhaps you need a piece to add a little extra sparkle in your home for Holiday guests?
They are always getting new items in and it's a great idea to check in often HERE so you don't miss a thing!


I have been pretty busy gearing up to launch a second shop on etsy, AnnechovieVintage!!
I sell a lot of antique French Limoge china, some depression glass and a few other old treasures, but all at reasonable prices.  Some of it is family stuff - even a few pieces from my great-grandmother. You can check it out for yourself right here and come back often as I continue to add new merchandise.

French Limoge box from my shop

antique French Limoge demitasse teacup/saucer