If Betty Crocker had a face........

I am sure no one reading this would argue with the fact that Martha Stewart is not a woman known for doing anything half-way. I am certain the term "Slacker" is one that has never been applied to her. She can hardly be accused of laziness or anything less than taking just about every effort to a whole new level. Though she may have her share of detractors, you have to admit that she has more talent in more realms than most people, male or female, are willing to admit. Designer, writer, entrepreneur, gardener, gourmet chef, crafter, decorator, baker, mother, TV host, CEO and the list goes on. Like her or not, the creative output of this one woman can be described as nothing less than "phenomenal". I came across these photos of her home craft room/studio on her website. Look at this room! A place for everything and everything in it's place. Perhaps that is how she gets so much done. Maybe it's why she gets so little sleep. I love it. She has EVERYTHING down to a science. What did her parents feed her as a baby? Did she ever have an unproductive day? Was she knitting her own booties in her crib when her mother put her down for a nap? Whatever the case, she has managed to inspire me once again........

Notice how she makes use of every inch of space

I wonder if her drawers always look that tidy? Hmmm, probably!

Craft operating table

Have you seen her craft line at Michaels? Papers, party accessory kits, tools, ribbon, stickers, you name it! Amazing! She could almost suck you into scrapbooking....almost......

Does someone anal-retentive live here? Check out her website HERE
Vive la Martha!
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