Me and my sister-in-law, mom and little sis

I know I did this a few months back, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship and because I can't refuse such a great painter as Liza Hirst, I will comply. Liza tagged me and a few other artists a couple of weeks ago and here is my belated reply. Liza is an incredibly talented artist who lives and works in the South of France. I will be featuring an interview with her soon here on my blog. Sorry it took me a while, Liza!

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5 Weird/random facts about me
I am the second of four children
I actually like to clean
I am usually in the process of reading 2-3 books at once.
I love lemons!
For many years I was the only girl in my family and I wanted a sister. When I was 11, my little sis was born and now that both of my brothers have married, I have a total of 3 sisters.

5 People I am tagging
Erin Gates
Patricia van Essche
Erin Loechner
Ann Fisher