My favorite place - the beach

Today's post title is a bit of a facetious play on that often stereotypical "artist attitude" of psuedo-depth and melodrama. I am not the kind of artist who is either angst-ridden or feigns being so impossibly deep that an observer needs days to ponder my work and look for the hidden meaning. I am not ashamed to admit my work is not that profound nor do I have any desire to live a tortured, dark existence. To me, there is enough darkness, evil and sadness in the world already. I don't find any particular thrill in wallowing in it or trying to represent it in my work. I like happy. I like cheerful. I like vibrant. I like peaceful. I like good. I like to remember the sweet moments. Forget the bitter. Keep distance from the destructive. And I am not ashamed of it.
Call me shallow, but I generally paint things as they appear. A chair is a chair. A room is a room. Although all my subjects can represent far more than just how they appear on the surface, my goal is not to appear unduly complicated. So, in the spirit of simplicity and straightforwardness, I present a few snapshots of the things that surround me on a daily basis. We all know that people see things differently and associate what they see with deeper things based on their own particular outlook. That is why I so enjoy seeing other people's homes. The voyeuristic pleasure afforded by observing others' surroundings and living quarters is something that is a habit, a hobby and a true passion of mine. A person's "digs" are worth a thousand words. That is one of the things I enjoy most about being a part of the world-wide blogging community. My fellow bloggers have delighted me with allowing me see their homes and the homes of others. While I am still a shelter magazine addict, blogs offer a "meantime fix" that keeps me going until next month's issue arrives in my mailbox. So, here's to all of my beloved bloggers who have shared all this visual wealth and inspiration with me. Thank you!

A reproduction Chinese vase I bought a few years ago at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
I painted it last Summer and it's available as a print on my Etsy site.

An oil painting my mom did back in the 70's (after van Gogh).

Some cheesy little magnets I created that hold up my inspirational clippings
I repurposed my Metropolitan Museum of Art badge (top) and made it into a magnet!

Another oil painting of my mom's, done when I was about 4.

I painted this baker's rack periwinkle!

A portrait of my grandmother, Lulu Harwell, a Southern belle, painted in the 50's

My work area, in all it's glory! LOL

Some bougainvillea off the back of the house, stuck in a small vase.
Florida's lush vegetation is such a treat!

Part of my sunglass collection. (I know it looks like Elton John lives here)
(OK, so maybe I LIKE color a little.....)

A collection of Staffordshire figurines on an antique painted etagere
that my grandmother owned.