The alligator swimming not more than 15 feet outside my door. This guy was at least a 5 footer....

The beautiful tiled fountain and courtyard in "Morocco" at Epcot Disney

I thought this tea cup planter was so clever!

The gardens in "England" at Epcot. The most authentic looking part of Epcot, I think. Some of the other "countries" are way more staged looking. After all, it IS Disney.

I have been working very long hours lately, trying to complete some projects and get everything for my show done and shipped off. My eyes are tired and my hand is permanently poised as if still holding a paintbrush. With the pieces for the show finally sent, I decided to take a much-needed break and use a complimentary pass I was given to Disneyworld. I am not much for rides at this stage in life, but I did enjoy an absolutely gorgeous day outside at Epcot. Generally, I am not a big fan of amusement parks, crowds or tourist haunts, but I was surprised to find some beautiful gardens, a pretty authentic French chocolate croissant and a gorgeous Moroccan fountain. What did you do this weekend?