Courtyards and all the white stucco make you feel like you are on an island in the tropics

A view of the village

A perfect outdoor setting for a little refreshment

The Fonville Press - the community coffee shop, gathering place and bookstore at Alys Beach

One of the beautiful pools at Alys Beach

The architecture is distinctively different from most other resort communities in Florida

These cobbled streets add to the quaint atmosphere that is Alys Beach

This is a great solution for a vacation home - the over sized banquette provides lots of room for extended family or friends that are staying together. Plus, it just looks charming!

A beautiful, serene bedroom in one of the vacation rentals

The perfect setting for an evening poolside soiree

Or, maybe this is even better? So hard to decide!

One of the modern, well-equipped kitchens in an Alys Beach vacation rental

This calming water feature would be soothing as you lay on a chaise and read

Another bright and well-appointed guest suite in one of the cottages. Love all the white!

Alys Beach is a relatively new resort community located in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. The beaches there are unparalleled in natural beauty. A few elements that set it apart from being just another high-end development are it's emphasis on sustainability, unique architecture and a sense of community. It was named for the matriarch of the town's founders and has a special quality of laid-back sophistication coupled with a family-friendly atmosphere. The architectural style is an eclectic blend of English, Antiguan and Guatemalan styles that comes together perfectly as the development's trademark and creates a crisp and distinctive silhouette against the azure skies. I have not stayed here yet, but have seen it in person and I can assure you that it is everything that it's "cracked up" to be. This would be the perfect place to rent a home for an extended family get-together or a reunion with friends. You have to go to the website to find out more for yourself and see all the beautiful images. Check it out right here.

Photos courtesy of Alys Beach website