Jeremy's studio - Harwell Photography

You can see the influence of Jeremy's earlier years working for Polo-Ralph Lauren

The interior of his studio housed in a historic bank in suburban Atlanta, Georgia

Jeremy Harwell, my brother and an award winning photographer

Jeremy captures his children at play

Where were you born? Urban Decay - otherwise known as Detroit, MI.

Have you always been creative? When did you you first "catch" the creative bug or realize you loved pursuing artistic interests? I think I have always been creative, I remember making my first slide of a reflection of some fall leaves in a pool of water. It was the 3rd grade with my teachers camera and ever since I have been hooked.

Lounges and palms at Alys Beach, Florida

What inspires you most and gets your creative juices flowing? Looking at all forms of art inspires me. Painting, sculpture, photography, a cloud in the sky, my little girls freckles. Being around other artists really also is inspiring. I love to learn!

Jeremy's son, Jackson, with his boogie board.

Family status? I am married with 3 lovely ninos!

Jeremy's daughter, Katherine

What is the most challenging aspect of being a photographer? The most challenging aspect is to constantly stay fresh and new - one can never rest on their laurels. You may have done it yesterday, but you you have to create today in the here and now.

Katherine and a friend

Jeremy's youngest child, Sam

Where do you live and work? In suburban Atlanta, Georgia


Favorite Food? Italian

Favorite Music? Classic Jazz

Alys Beach at dusk

Jeremy's children walking into the sunset

What do you wear when you are at work? Something that is not red ( to prevent the attraction of anything with horns!)

Jeremy is a gifted photographer and stylist who spent several years working in creative management for Polo Ralph Lauren in Atlanta, Palm Beach and New York. Several years ago, he and his wife, Karrie, packed up their family and moved back to the Atlanta area where they built a charming farmhouse and re-habbed a historic bank building for a studio. Jeremy is great with children and adults (he is known for his dry sense of humor and patience) and he has a charming studio located in downtown historic Senoia, Georgia. He also works on location. You can check out his website here.