The signature yellow-orange shade used for Aqua di Parma's packaging really bakes my cake!

I am a bit short of time this week, so I am throwing together a few favorite photos from my files, some without labels, unfortunately. If anyone else happens to know their origins and wants to enlighten me, I'd be very grateful! Thanks!!

Gracie wallpaper - if money were no object, I'd have this in my foyer!

Gorgeous ranunculus, peonies and roses

Light-drenched Euro loft - Marie Claire Maison (via Alkemie) LOVE the sofa! (Only someone French would have the guts to do this)

A cheery, girly European loft Marie Claire Maison (via Alkemie)

One of my favorite paintings by Matisse

A favorite vintage chair - origin unknown

Rug designed by Paul Smith for The Rug Company