Garden Conservatory
Most of us are familiar Perrier as the delightfully effervescent beverage, but now there's more to Source Perrier than just mineral water. There is a line of distinctive home furnishings which includes, art, mirrors, rugs, window panels, furniture and accessories created by designer Anita Tiburzi. I first spotted Source Perrier several years ago at a Pierre Deux shop, but now there's a website where you can peruse their expansive collection in gorgeous room settings at your leisure (above and below) and order online.

Allegra Drawing Room

Mayfair Drawing Room

Swedish Dining

Palm Court Bedchamber

Perrier Carriers - what a great accessory for entertaining!

Napoleon Celadon Chair - an unusual and beautiful shade for the classic Chiavari chair.

Dashwood Bullseye Mirror - a classic accent that would look perfect hanging above the piece below.......

Bergman Bureau - a very nice version of a classic Gustavian bureau. I think it could pass for a real antique!

Foxglove Lamp - to me, this accent lamp has a touch of granny-chic that could be the perfect touch of "character" for your room.

Ribbon Candy Carpet - I think this cheery rug would be ideal in a beach cottage or sunny little bungalow.

The Captiva Tonna Ceresvina Chairs - With beautiful handstitched needlepoint shells on the back and gorgeous blue leather for a practical seat covering, these Louis XVI style chairs are a very stylish seating option.

Regency Bamboo Canterbury - With her love of all things Chinoiserie, I could imagine these appealing to Jennifer Dwyer of Peak of Chic!
(all the above tremendously appealing photos are courtesy of the Source Perrier website)