The much-celebrated "Ghost Chair" by Phillipe Starck now available in a mini version for children!

As most of you know, Phillipe Starck is one of the most prolific designers of our day. The Ghost Chair is one of his most popular designs to date and now this hip dad has designed a smaller version for little people who deserve a little style also. How cute would these be in a child's room or playroom? They just came out in Europe this Summer and will be available shortly in the US through Kartell for about $116. Available in a variety of candy-colored transparent pastel colors (fluorescent orange and green, sugar pink, blue, sky blue, purple, lilac, and pale green) and three opaque colors (red, white, black). They are made from polycarbonate, resistant to scratches and feature perfect ergonomics. It's a shame no one has come out with a miniature Saarinen oval table for kids, too! How perfect would that be paired with these chairs?
Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison