Zig zag coffee table by Tsai Design of South Africa - a unique and functional design in a very appealing hue!

The X Stools by rising Czech design star Lucie Koldova

66 Degrees is an online business that carries unique and functional pieces of art made by artists and designers that are scattered all over the globe. They have a unique tactic for finding the best the world has to offer - there are five of them in five different countries, on four different continents (their C.E.O. Rick is at their head office in Canada, Claudio is now in Romania, Karen is in the States and Ryan and Stephen divide their time between Central and South America) so they can be more 'global' in their search to find new and talented artists and designers!

In the last two months they've also added some really wonderful pieces to their gallery by designers who also span all four corners of the globe! In addition to the great pieces featured above, they have a table from a South African designer, a truly unique handbag from Portugal, a lamp from an Australian designer, and a wonderful table made all from salvaged and recycled wood from the grandson of a Japanese Master Craftsmen who is currently living in the States. Going global has obviously produced some great results and those who visit their website get to reap the benefits!