Can you believe it's December today? Where did 2008 go?
Yesterday was a rare rainy day here in South Florida, so it was a perfect afternoon to get some Christmas decorations up and get into the Christmas mood a little. I am never one to want to rush holidays or jump the gun, but, for some reason, this year I am more eager to get into it.
Putting up the tree just isn't as festive without a great soundtrack, so this year it had to be one of my favorite classic standbys, Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I am a total sentimental sap and I grew up watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" every year on TV. Seeing it when I was little, I was moved by it's poignancy and I used to cry and try to hide my tears from my parents. So that, coupled with the fact that I am a real jazz lover, makes this a winning pick. It's mellow and comforting and festive all at the same time. I also love this little replica of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree that is available here. There's something so winsome about it, it's sparseness standing in stark contrast to other trees. Just makes me smile. Has anyone else done any holiday decorating yet? What is your favorite holiday soundtrack?