Some of my "odds and ends"

Do you ever just look around at some things that you live with and think, "I like THAT!"
Not necessarily anything new, expensive or exceptional, but just something pretty, helpful or enriching to your life in some way? Something that's been given to you by someone you love or connected to a special memory? Is it me or did that just sound like Mr. Rogers?

What about things that make your life a little easier or make you laugh to yourself when you see them?
(By the way, this anchovy paste -above- is not what I put on my toothbrush, just in case you were wondering. I use a kid's toothbrush because I have a small bite and it's easier to wield in "limited" space. Also, I happen to think anchovy paste is good in a lot of things - but I certainly don't advocate pairing them up together.)

I love books and shells

and leftover white pizza......
What "bakes your cake" or "floats your boat"? I want to know the little stuff that makes you happy.......