This is my favorite of his pieces - "He had been treated shabbily, but he was determined not to return bad behavior with bad behavior, but to rise above it. Rise above it. Rise above it. Resolving himself not to be dragged down to the grim faced level of their bitter existences. But to always return a frown with a grin and a scowl with a smile and a song and rise above it. Rise above it. Rise above it!"
Wow - a great deal of wisdom in this message and an especially apropos reminder considering some individuals I've run across lately. Karma does happen, people.

My dear grandmother would have loved these, as she was a huge fan of silhouettes and her entire bathroom was decorated with them. Hmmm, do they have Google Reader in heaven?

This is so simple and beautiful - "You're in my head".

Offbeat humor that makes you smile - "This bell will ring when I am cruel to you and make you cry - this bell will ring when we go bowling next"

This is the amazingly phenomenal work of Scissor Master - Artist Rob Ryan . I have admired his work since I first saw it a couple of years ago. He has shown his genius craft worldwide, has published a book and also sells his work via Etsy. Just look at the detail and intricacy - not to mention the wisdom and the dry, British humor.
Having worked extensively with scissors myself (and suffered many a case of "scissorcramp"), I have quite an admiration for someone who has taken his scissor craft to a whole new level and elevated the skill of cutting to fine art. The best part is that his wit is equally as sharp as the scissors he uses to express it. Check out his blog here.