If you are a fan of the sadly defunct Domino magazine or have traces of inspiration from Domino alive and well in your own home, why don't you enter the The Domino Inspired My Home Contest on We Love Domino? Up until 11:59 EST on March 15th, you can submit pictures of your home, (either a whole room, or a vignette (a slice of a room). Your entry will be posted on We Love Domino. Finalists will be chosen by judges and then the readers of We Love Domino will vote. Winners will be announced on Monday, March 23rd!

There are some pretty cool prizes being offered, including: The Domino Book of Decorating, Simon Doonan's "Eccentric Glamour", Ty Pennington's "Good Design Can Change Your Life", the book "Sheetrock and Shellac", and a selection of gift cards to Goodwill (or their favorite local thrift store). There will be 6 total winners because there are two categories--Whole Room and Vignette--and three winners within each category, so your odds are definitely not bad at all! What's stopping you from having your entry posted? Go for it!!