Me with Artist, Designer, Author and Entrepreneur, Sunny Goode.

A few years ago I saw Sunny Goode and her work featured in a magazine and was immediately taken with her gorgeous colors and unique designs. Then, last year, I wrote a feature on Sunny and her company here on Annechovie. Much to my surprise, I received a very kind email from her and was then able to interview her in depth for a follow-up post. I was excited when, just last week, I had a chance to meet her in person when she came to town with her beautiful family. We had such a great time chatting, that before we knew it, a couple of hours had passed and we had to break up the fun. Sunny is not only lovely AND talented, but extremely warm, down-to-earth and fun. If you haven't seen her site and blog, you have got to check it out!

Sunny's charming shop in Richmond, VA. You can also shop direct via her website


Sunny is known for her innovative ideas and products, pairing gorgeous colors with hip designs.