There is something about chocolate bunnies that still attracts me. When I was little, I remember the thrill when my uncle gave me a 10 inch chocolate bunny for Easter. There was something so magical about the pastel colored foil and the dark chocolate. It seemed like SO much chocolate and I nibbled it down, little by little, savoring every bit of it. When you're a kid, you are oblivious to the difference between good quality chocolate and the drugstore, filler-laden variety that I am sure would make me gag now. Here are some bunnies by Vosges - Haut Chocolat that have some serious pizazz - they have the eye-candy factor down, but their products also taste as good as they look. No post-munch remorse or nausea here. Pictured above is the Barcelona Bunny - it includes milk chocolate with smoked almonds and a dash of sea salt. There's also a "Gianduja" Bunny, "Amalfi" and "Red Fire" as well. I think the Easter bunny favors these for not only the little people, but for the folks who, sadly, don't usually get Easter baskets anymore......available here.
Hope you have some beautiful Spring weather this weekend and can get out there and enjoy it!