Seeing spots, but it's very dreamy in here.

I am digging this outdoor courtyard at the Grand Daddy, in Capetown, South Africa!

Looks like each trailer "home" has it's own name and mailbox.

This is their restaurant.....I am certainly not getting any Denny's flashbacks in here....are you?

Have you ever wanted to rent an RV and go on an adventure?
I have to admit, not since I was about 5 has that idea held any appeal for me. When I was in kindergarten, a family I carpooled with bought a gleaming Airstream trailer and parked it in their back driveway. I thought that it was heaven on wheels. The bathroom is what impressed me the most - mobile facilities! I couldn't get over it. I could have spent hours hanging out in the trailer, just pretending we were headed somewhere exciting. It was so cozy and the novelty of the whole experience left quite an impression on me at the time. Fast forward a few years, and for a kid cursed with motion sickness, the idea of any extended travel in a moving vehicle held no appeal. Not to mention the nasty, nubby upholstery and really bad decor in most RV's. Like those blinds Denny's restaurants used to have, that looked like someone wound dirty brown, yellow and orange yarn in between the slats. GAG.

Apparently, things have changed a bit, although, with an economic downturn and gas prices still fairly high, I am not exactly chomping at the bit to rent an RV. However, I have seen some cool examples lately that could soften my prejudice against them. This is a perfect option - no fuel or motion required! Check out this nifty hotel "village" located in Capetown, South Africa made entirely of Airstreams!