Double-decker buses even look more stylish wearing Paul Smith's trademark stripes!

Check out this video of British designer Paul Smith giving a tour of his recently opened San Francisco boutique. I just love his total lack of self-consciousness and his sense of humor.

OK, a perfect match....Paul Smith stripes on a MINI!

A spunky striped swimsuit.

Paul Smith has that innately British knack for being hip, quirky, smart, fun and stylish all at the same time. Talk about innovative, he has a uniquely cool philosophy when it comes to design and business. He celebrates color and infuses all realms of design with life and personality. He decries what he terms"chromophobia" and somehow manages to make most of the other design gurus look kind of stale and stodgy by comparison. I think that he has reinvented the wheel. And with great finesse!
Have a terrific weekend, everyone! I'd like to wish all of my US friends a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.
See you back here next week!