Ok, first off, I am a very bizarre mix - those of you who read this blog have probably figured that out by now. I am two parts prep mixed with one part bohemian. Having said that, my eyes always light up when I see a gator.....not just the kind that occasionally visit my backyard here in Florida, but the classic Lacoste symbol. It's a sign that great style and enduring quality are present. So, if you're a fan of Lacoste like I am, head over to ideeli because they are having a killer Lacoste sale today!
Apparently, I have been operating under a severe delusion. A concerned individual from Lacoste USA in NY has just corrected me and informed me that the Lacoste logo is NOT an alligator, as I had thought all of my life, but is instead a CROCODILE!! Apparently there is a huge discrepancy and I should have examined the .75 inch emblem with a magnifying glass to detect the distinct difference! Let's chalk that up to another "blonde moment". I stand learn something new everyday! Thank you, "Shopgirl"!