Recently my blogging artist friend, Carol Gillot, wrote another one of her fascinating posts on PAUL, another landmark tea room and boulangerie in Paris. She painted this beautiful watercolor and also included some great photos from her visit there. It was so fun to see her photos and read her take on PAUL, because it is one of the places that stands out in mind from one of my trips. I love to live vicariously through her blog! She introduces me to places I have not yet been, as well as resurrecting many fond memories covering familiar territory.

(photo by Joshua Harwell)
Carol's post reminded me that my brother had taken some photos there, as we sat with our friends enjoying some afternoon refreshments. This little old man captured our attention. He was completely engrossed in a stack of papers haphazardly scrawled with figures and notes. He is one of those unique individuals you see that stick in your mind and make travel such an interesting experience. I imagined that he might be a professor at the nearby Sorbonne??
I love it when I run across someone else, be it on the internet or elsewhere, who shares a similar experience from their unique perspective. Do you enjoy taking photos of interesting people you see during your travels? Has anyone ever confronted you or dodged your camera lens?