I discovered the beautiful work of artist and blogger Susan Schneider last year after she left a comment on my blog. She specializes in creating all sorts of decoupage pieces for the home, vintage lighting and gorgeous lampshades. Her shop and studio is located in a newly renovated, century old building in Millerton, NY. She is currently having a 15% off sale that runs until August 15th, so don't miss checking out her site or shop! She has kindly agreed to a mini interview here with me so we can find out more about the lady and skilled craftsperson behind Shandell's.

Where were you born?
New York City

This is the lovely tissue box that Susan so thoughtfully created for me with images of my chairs

What would you take if your house was burning down?
My dogs, a 19th century document box filled with memories and a couple of pieces of jewelry.
Your favorite book?
All of them, my vast collections of cook books, design, textile, antique, horses, garden and more. I looked through them all and could not pick one out.
Susan's workshop
If you could have only 1 last meal, what would you want on the menu?
A table full of appetizers and desserts. Smoked fish of all types, caviar, Shortbread cookies, peach pie.
Hot weather or cold?
Strangely cold, summers are okay but anything past 70 is too hot.

Favorite artists?
Art of animals and pansies are my favorites, vintage art no matter if it is signed or not. John Emms, Arthur Wardle, Richard Stone Reeves, Georgia O'Keeffe (she does not seem to fit my group of favorites, but there is something special about her and her art - a very different direction, a bit of fantasy) also, the Victorian women who had the pleasure and time to paint in groups. I also collect paintings of Pansies.
Pet peeve?
Too much perfume!

Susan's darling dogs
Favorite travel destination?
Newburyport, MA
Favorite shop?
I do not get out of my studio much, Etsy has become my favorite shop. Ever changing merchandise, hand made by amazing artists. What more can I ask for.
Most visited links?
This is hard, I visit so many. These are on the top of my long list.

Thanks to Susan for taking the time to share more with us on her life and work. Be sure to visit her website, where you can read her blog and keep up with her latest creations!