Lounging in the sun? Better think twice - at least it looks like he's been using SPF 70 on his face. I guess he doesn't look too bad, considering he's been around since 1581.

This shot was taken from my balcony looking down into the street - you can spot him in the center (bottom)

See what the elements can do to your skin when you don't protect yourself? This photo is of an ancient statue in Rome, Italy. It was located directly across the street from a flat I stayed in on via de Babuino. We referred to him as "Mossy Guy", but he is known as "il babuino" or "the baboon" because of his less-than-attractive appearance. He's located on the corner of via del Babuino and via dei Greci and is just one of a multitude of fountains in the city. You can read more about him and his fascinating, uniquely Italian history here. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!