It was a thrill to see my "Orange Chair Silhouette on Aqua" print featured in the new Nancy Meyers film "It's Complicated". It appears in the INFAMOUS guest bathroom scene that took place at Lauren and Harley's cottage during the graduation party.

Last March I received a message from someone identifying themselves as a set designer for an "untitled" Nancy Meyers film that was in production. They wanted to purchase 2 prints from my Etsy shop that had been specifically requested by Nancy Meyers herself and have them overnighted in time for Nancy's final walk through on the set before filming. Honestly, at first, I thought someone was trying to scam me! Turns out, after emailing back and forth, it was the REAL deal and I sent the prints off to Universal Studios in Brooklyn and they forwarded me the legal release forms to sign, etc.

I have been a fan of Nancy's work for years and remember my borderline obsessive study of the interiors in "Father of the Bride" back in the 90's when I was still a teenager. The fact that she would request any of my work for one of her films was a real honor, to say the least. I was excited, but know from past experience how these things can go, so didn't really think my print(s) would make it into the actual final cut. After 9 months and having almost forgotten about it, I was contacted a week or so ago by a lifestyle editor friend in Washington DC who didn't know anything about me sending in my prints. She had seen the film and thought she recognized my work on the set. This email was followed by several others from various people and so I thought it was time I should see for myself. Sure enough, it did end up in the second half of the movie in the infamous bathroom scene involving, ahem, some reefers and a few people stuffed into a very small space (it appears directly behind Meryl Streep in the scene). This is one instance where giving someone the benefit of the doubt and cooperating certainly paid off in a big way! I want to thank Nancy and her production team for including my work as a tiny part of one of her signature "beyond fabulous" sets. You can buy the exact same print here.
I'd like to wish you a safe, joy-filled, prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!