The Novogratz family seems to be everywhere these days and with their new show on Bravo, slated to air in April, I don't think we'll be seeing any less of them anytime soon. That's a good thing. I am fascinated by this couple who seem to possess an endless amount of style, creativity, verve and above all, ENERGY! Recently, their company, Sixx Design, sent me their book "Sixx Design - Downtown Chic". I found it a refreshing departure from a lot of typical, dry and scholarly tomes on renovation and design. This book is colorfully and heavily illustrated with great photos, not only of their amazingly ambitious and eclectic projects, but also of their adorable brood of seven children.
The Novogratz's have a way of turning the sometimes downtrodden concept of a large family on it's ear and they seem to infuse everything with a great deal of life and enthusiasm. Perhaps it's the way they refuse to do anything "by the book", but reading their book definitely piqued my interest in becoming more familiar with Sixx Design and watching their upcoming reality TV program. Are they designers? Renovators? Actors? Models? A family or a brand? I think they are all that and more, but check out their website and book and judge for yourself.