I recently received a copy of the new book The Irish Country House by Desmond FitzGerald,
 Knight of Glin, and James Peill. It's a stunning volume full of rich photographs and informative text that provide a window into a very unique world.  Here is what the publisher has to say about it-
"A land of legend and lore, Ireland is also home to some of the most breathtaking residences in the world, ten of which are explored in The Irish Country House. The book tours these historical homes and castles, all of which are still owned and lived in by the original families. From cabinets filled with monogrammed china to cabbage-rose slip-covered sofas nestled beneath tall Gothic windows, to lavish living rooms and bedrooms, each home reflects the multi-generations of the families who have lived there."
You can find it here.
Have a restful and relaxing weekend!