Are you looking for a unique gift for Father's Day? Do you have a father or a husband that is a baseball fan? You might be interested in this unique, limited edition poster created by my graphic designer brother, Josh Harwell. It features my grandfather, Ernie Harwell's famous poem on baseball. I am including an excerpt here written by my brother that explains his love for baseball and the poster in his own words:

“I guess what I love the most about the game though is all the memories of my childhood and the connection it has for my family. My grandfather, Ernie Harwell, had the privilege of calling the Detroit Tiger games for 42 years, so I grew up listening to him, going to games with him and loving all things baseball.
One of the many perks of my baseball family is that Grandpa was always giving us baseball related items that he received. One such item was the album Terry Cashman’s "Talking Baseball". My brother and I listened to this for hours on end, and I can still sing you most of the songs word for word.
You see, wedged in between all the wonderful baseball songs on this album was my Grandpa reading his definition of baseball. (I can also still quote this… just ask my wife!) I loved listening to this poem/essay, and last summer, when Grandpa was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, I instantly knew I wanted to make a piece of art from that essay as a tribute to him.
I really enjoyed creating this piece of art. It was a privilege to create something special for a man who was always giving of himself to others, and I put all of my heart and soul into it. I really debated about offering this poster for sale, but I decided that in the end it was something I wanted to share with all those who loved baseball and my Grandpa. He enjoyed sharing his life and love of the game with everyone, so a poster in tribute to him should be about just that.
The 18 x 24 poster is pictured in the heading of this post. It’s limited first edition signed and numbered by myself and printed on 80# cover. If you are interested in purchasing one you can find them on my Etsy site.”