I recently had to make a run to my nearest IKEA for one of their terrific-ly cheap buys for my studio, the ALEX file drawers. I love it - even though what I saved on the price I had to invest in 36 hours of manual labor to assemble. Well, not quite, but you do have a little "project" on your hands when most everything comes flat-packed. There happened to be an outpost of the Parisian bakery "PAUL" nearby, so I couldn't resist stopping in for an authentic French macaron. Or, so I thought...take a look at this baby (below)

Is it me, or is this a SUPER-SIZED macaron? I placed my not-so-small hands beside it to show relative size. Have you ever seen a macaron this large? It looked more like a pastel Moonpie! I guess it's the American version, maybe even the Texas version, except that I live in Florida?? Hmmmm...
Carol Gillot over at Paris Breakfasts has been showing me macarons for ages now, so I had been longing to try one for myself. I was not disappointed, just a little, ummm.....surprised to see one this big.