I like candles, but there are so many out there in ghastly colors and too-heavy scents, that sometimes they get a bad rap. I am thinking of a particular store commonly found in US shopping malls.....I literally have to hold my breath when passing by! The "fragrances" are bad enough on their own, but you get about 40 of them mingling in competition in one store and a person could literally die of affixiation or nausea...or both.  Having said all that, I recently spotted these two pieces of what I call "good wax" and loved their classic sculptural quality. The candle above is lit from behind on an angle, so that the melting wax pours through the eyes, perhaps a bit melancholy....but still kind of cool, I think.

Marie Antoinette is immortalized here in wax effigy - perfect for the Francophile and a nice touch, even if her eyes don't "cry". Plus, she's a good bit less expensive than the first lady. Which would you choose?