I was recently given some Borghese Dolce Notte night cream to try. I am not big into creams and lotions, but as I inevitably get older (grrrrr) I think it only wise to give my face a little TLC so none of the tourists here in Florida mistake me for an alligator. Believe me, there are women down here whose skin does look a bit gator-ish after years of exposure and neglect. I don't want to be numbered among them.
My skin is very sensitive, so I was curious what effect it might have on my face. I can honestly say that it's a great product and I am very pleased with the results. The Vitamin A is to correct dryness and dehydration (which is something that I am especially susceptible to this time of year).
It features mallow and comfrey that calm skin and promote cell growth and a patented Acqua di vita complex that sweeps away dullness and impurites with an MPG compound (a gentle alpha-hydroxy derivative.)
 Put this on before bed - it will encourage cell turnover, yet will not clog pores. I was also glad to find that it has a very light, clean scent and is not too heavy or greasy. You can find it here or anywhere that Borghese Cosmetics are available.