My high-tech candle in the daytime and.........

the ambient, yet safe, glow at night.

I get a million PR pitches in this blogging business. Most are totally off the mark and some are so crass that I don't even care to mention them. I sometimes think that these people 
1) either don't have a clue about the slant/subject matter of this blog or perhaps
 2) they just don't care and are trying to meet an "emails sent" quota??
 Either way, most pitches get deleted, and fast. I do occasionally get an opportunity to check out something that my beloved readers might actually like or benefit from. On these rare occasions when I actually like a product enough to recommend it, I don't mind giving credit to where credit is due.  Now, I love candles, but sometimes safety can be a concern (especially if you're a forgetful type!) 
These LED candles are amazing. They give you the same warm glow and flicker, minus the heat, smoke or fire hazard. You can put them on a shelf without worrying that anything will go up in flames. Simply flip the battery-operated switch on the bottom and voila! you have an instant restful glow.  They come in many shapes, sizes and colors (and even scents). They look real because they are made with wax, so you won't get that tacky, fake appearance that I know you hip style makers all find so appalling. Check out the exhaustive selection here.