I have been working on quite a few new ideas here in my little cottage/studio.  Summer is the "off" season for me, but as busy as ever because I try to work on ideas that I've been mulling, but have not been able to do during the "very busy" season.  I have a new series that has been painted over the past few months. It's called "Luxe-Fumes" and is all about classic fragrances.....and the beauty of packaging. Even though they've been finished for a while, I am going to bring them out one at a time!  This week I am starting with an old school beauty, Acqua di Parma painted in painstaking detail with acrylic on wood gallery panel.  The original is for sale, and prints as well (for large posters by special order - contact me here.) These pieces are great for a bathroom, dressing room, heck, any area. Wouldn't it be great to give a friend a painting or print of their trademark fragrance? Go here to buy or get more details.