This stuff I discovered at Costco is phenomenal......notice my 2 lb. jar is lasted me for a couple of months. I force myself to ration it.

Pandora is my go-to when I'm on my PC.....which is a healthy chunk of my day. My 2 favorite stations I created are currently Kathryn Scott and Stan Getz.

One of my healthiest friends has pointed out that almonds with this much  ahem, "seasoning" lose some of their nutritional value, but I can't help it.....these are just so good.

photo courtesy of the Food Network
Sauteed Spinach with garlic is something I eat several nights a week. I buy a giant tub of organic spinach every week and am earning the nickname "Popeye" in a hurry. Ina Garten (whom I wish I could adopt as an aunt, she is so utterly likable) has a terrific recipe here, although I substitute canola oil for the butter (so I can can meet my butter quota while eating the toffee in the top photo, without having to get my pants altered!)

So, what's making your life better these days?  Any great finds to share with me?  Have a nice weekend!