I am now officially on a root vegetable kick! I promise this is my last post on root veggies for a long time. Thanks to everyone who left a comment or recipe last week - you inspired me!
I tried roasting beets for the first time and all I can say is that it certainly won't be the last.
These vibrant little jewels are amazing, especially garnished with a little goat cheese. Prep is a cinch - all you do is trim the ends, wash well and throw them in a small baking dish with some olive or vegetable oil (light coating) and a little salt and pepper. Bake for about 1 hour at 350 or until beets can be cut through center with knife and no elbow grease. Truly amazing. But, the fun doesn't stop there.......

After trimming off the beet greens, I washed them thoroughly and then chopped them roughly, adding them to a little vegetable oil and garlic I had going over medium heat in a pan when the beets had approx. 10 minutes left to cook. 

Add some kosher salt or sea salt flakes and some freshly ground pepper while gently flipping in the pan and you've got a treat that is definitely addictive! I decided to go with a little sprinkling of goat cheese with the greens as well - yum. Would you try these?